Good Friday 2020

Dear FCC Family,

I bring you greetings on this Good Friday. I am writing to invite you into a time of prayer and meditation. Included you will find a prayer, a prayer activity, and an invitation to a different worship experience. 

You are invited to join in prayer with the rest of the FCC Athens family on Good Friday between 11am and 1 pm. Say this prayer aloud and spend some time listening to God. While the silence can be scary and intimidating during this season of isolation, I am challenging you to welcome it, if even for a short time, as a gift. 

Here is the prayer:


Holy and Merciful God,

We gather together on this day of the cross to mourn the loss of our teacher, our friend, and our savior. How it hurts us to think of his pain! 

We confess, oh God, that we tend to shy away from the image of the cross. We look forward so greatly to the coming events that we fail to live in the moment and feel the complex emotions of today. Forgive us, Oh God, and grant us the strength to be fully present in this moment along with Jesus. 

Holy One, we bring with us this year our own set of emotions. Fear, doubt, anger, loneliness. We bring them to the cross today, we lay them down now at the foot of that rough-hewn symbol of death trusting and knowing that they, like that cross, will be lifted high and turned into an opportunity for great praise. We know you are with us, just as you were with those gathered on that Good Friday so many years ago. 

Grant us the courage to continue our journey this Holy Week. Give us the wisdom to pause and to listen. Make us instruments of your love and peace. 

We pray in Christ’s name and for His Glory, 



Here is another prayer for your Holy Week time:


A Prayer for Holy Week by Jamie Lynn Haskins, co-editor, Acting on Faith

God of death and resurrection, God of the

space between, we have walked this Holy Week

road before, but never quite like this. 


 As always, palms are behind us, shouts of “hosanna”

ringing in our ears. As always, we look toward your

death with grief, your resurrection with great hope.

As always, you are here with us through it all. 

Yes, we have walked this Holy Week road

before, but never quite like this. 


 This year nails will pierce the cross, and we will mourn

in our homes rather than in our pews. 

This year your body will be placed in the tomb,

and we will await word from those faithful

women as we shelter in place. 


This year, resurrection will come (it always

comes) and we will shout “hallelujah,”

rejoicing in our living rooms, across computer

screens, over conference lines, because this

year, as in every year, you are still with us. 


Yes, we have walked this Holy Week road

before, but never quite like this. 


 May we remember, Holy One, 

that in every familiar and unfamiliar step, 

every “hosanna,” every “hallelujah,” 

every Zoom call and every text, 

you are with us. 


 As we walk this Holy Week road remind us--

in death, in resurrection, in joy and grief, 

in the unknown and the liminal space between,

you are still our God, and we are still your


Resurrection will indeed come.


Also, below is a link to a special video worship put together by some wonderfully talented and artistic Disciples worship creators, Susanne Castle and Andra Moran. They have created it and shared it with the whole church as a way of connecting us with one another. 

May God continue to be with you, to journey along side you, and give you the peace that surpasses all understanding. 

In Christ, 

Justin and Stacy