to visit First Christian any Sunday morning. You will find a hearty welcome from a mix of people of varying ages, interests, backgrounds, and even style of dress! 

Worship begins at 11 am and is traditional with a twist. The call and response liturgy features informal language that is easily understood. Our song selections are from a hymnal or a songbook and the accompaniment is pipe organ, piano, or sometimes guitar. Each week is similar, but no two weeks are the same. 

Below you will find a link to our Worship Companion. The Worship Companion describes each component of our worship, including weekly communion. (Link coming soon!)  

Following worship each week, there is a time for fellowship and visiting in the Grande Parlor adjacent to the sanctuary. Visitors are welcome to join us for conversation, punch, coffee, and snacks. 

Other informal, small group opportunities to get acquainted include attending a class during the Sunday School hour, joining in our pre-announced potluck dinners in the Fellowship Hall following worship, participating in hands-on outreach activities and projects, or joining the Disciples Men's or Disciples Women's Fellowship groups.