Holy Week at First Christian

Starting on April 9th, we begin to walk the journey of Holy Week. A special time for us, Holy Week gives us time to ponder and celebrate the important acts of Christ that have become the foundation of our faith. 

It starts on Palm Sunday, the day we celebrate Jesus riding into Jerusalem in a parade complete with fanfare. We know that the story just begins on April 9th. 

On Thursday evening, April 13, we will gather as a congregation in the Grande Parlor to remember the events of Maundy Thursday. This service of remembrance, hymns, shadows and communion will be at 7:00 pm. 

While we don't gather on Friday, we do pause to reflect on the death of Christ. The cross brings so much pain and discouragement to us. The darkness rolls in. Our sanctuary is stripped down, black cloth covers the windows and the baptistry because for these few hours, we ponder the death of the one who will eventually bring us life

Then we come to Easter morning. We celebrate with two services this year, an ecumenical 6:45 sunrise service at Oconee Hill Cemetery, and our traditional worship in the sanctuary at 11. Join us for one or both of these unique and special services. We will not have Sunday school, but we will have an extended time of fellowship downstairs in the fellowship hall starting at 10:30am.

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