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We are a Disciples of Christ church serving Athens, GA since 1876.

All are welcome.

We are a congregation of seniors to babies, college students to empty nesters. Our worship is defined by our vibrant yet tradional music, our taking of communion each week, and the warm conversation after the service.

We welcome you to come belong to a community where less is more and we seek to be intentional in our actions. We don’t just do activities for the sake of being busy—we want to do things together that add meaning and value to your life and those in our community. We believe being on the journey of faith together with others makes life so much more rich.

First Christian Church Athens was established in in 1876, and we’ve been in the same historic building since 1915. So, when we say we’re here for the long haul, we mean it!

We pride ourselves on being an inclusive Disciples of Christ community committed to serving our neighbors in Athens and living out together the hope of the story of Jesus Christ. We do this through using our building, our funds and our time to serve and love others as Christ first loved us. We value thinking over blind beliefs, bravely talking about real life instead of conformity, and sharing communion with any who want to experience more of God’s grace and love.

Our marquee states it proudly: all are welcome here. We hope that as you get to know us, no matter where you are on your journey, that you would feel this way about our community.

Being a part of the larger Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) is important to us because it grounds us in what is greater than ourselves. We are proud to be a part of the Disciples of Christ’s mission: a movement for wholeness and healing in a fragmented world. In essentials we believe in unity but in non-essentials we believe in liberty and in all things charity.

We are a congregation governed by ourselves meaning we call our own pastors and staff and are led by a church board. Our Elders serve as a spiritual leaders of our congregation, praying weekly at the communion table and assisting with pastoral care. Our Deacons are our worship servants and who assist in church life in a variety of ways.

We celebrate open membership and observe believer’s and infants baptism as requested. Because God’s love is bigger and more diverse than just our little corner of Pulaski and Doughtery Street, we love learning from those who connect with our community from other churches and faith expressions.

Have a specific question about our our church? Email our pastor. She would love to chat more with you!

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Our History

It takes a long time to be old friends. Which is exactly how we feel about Athens.

  • 1876

    First Christian was organized by a small group who met for worship in the auditorium above the market at Town Hall in Athens, GA.

  • 1884

    The original church building was on the corner of Dougherty and Pulaski across the street (current site of Athens Blueprint) from the current building. The building cost, including land, was $4,200. Following the construction of the current building in 1915, the church building was sold and was moved across the street where it served as a boarding house and later housed Bridges Funeral Home. The building was demolished in 1971 for the construction of the Denney Towers Housing complex.

  • 1909

    Rev. Stanley R. Grubb began his first tenure as minister. Fundraising began for a new, larger church building.

  • 1915

    The current building was designed by renowned architect, G. W. Kramer.

    Grandison M. Caskey served as contractor for the construction of the Akron Plan facility. The building was dedicated on Sunday, December 19, 1915, with a building cost of $46,000.

  • 1926

    G. M. Caskey completed construction of a parsonage just east of the church building. This building served as a residence for several pastors and housed the church office and Sunday School classes prior to demolition in 1973 to address off-street parking needs for the church.

  • 1948

    The church hosted several denominational state conventions and in 1948, Rev. Paul C. Howle, minister 1942-1957, helped establish The Christian College of Georgia. Our association with college-age students in the Athens area continues today as Disciples on Campus.

  • 1952

    First Christian was the first church in Athens to have an air-conditioned sanctuary at a cost of $6,500.

  • 1962

    First Christian supported the founding of Friendship Christian Church by commissioning 63 members from First Christian who were entrusted with the responsibility of founding and sustaining the new church. First Christian provided spiritual and financial support and a place for worship until the new worship facility was built on Tallassee Road in Athens.

  • 1967

    Across the street neighbor, St. Joseph’s Catholic Church, held mass and meetings at First Christian Church for several months during a roof structure repair in their building. The two congregations met together for an Ecumenical Mass including communion to celebrate the brotherhood of God’s people.

  • 1971

    The stained glass windows in the sanctuary were installed to replace the original windows which were damaged during a massive explosion and fire at a gasoline storage facility on Hull Street. The original glass was repurposed for doors to the baptistery in the sanctuary of the church.

  • 1975

    Building renovations and repairs which included the purchase of a new console for the organ, sanctuary pulpit design, update to the air-conditioning system, reconfiguration of space to create a church office and choir room, redesign of the Grande Parlor to include a library, and renovations to main floor restrooms were completed.

  • 1986

    The church purchased the Grubb House (490 Pulaski Street) which was built in 1913 by G.M Caskey and home to Rev. Stanley Grubb and his wife, Mabel, who lived there until her death at the age of 98. The Grubb House provided outreach ministry space to the Athens Area Attention Home and the Northeast District Red Cross. Current use includes Arrow Preschool, Church World Service, Al-Anon, A A, and Disciples on Campus.

  • 1992

    The Schantz Organ Company designed, built, and installed a new pipe organ at a cost of $91,000 to replace the original organ installed in 1915.

  • 2012

    Following a successful Second Century Campaign, the century-old building moved forward with building modifications focused on accessibility with installations of an elevator, interior ramp, and accessible restroom facilities. Other renovations including a redesign of the Grande Parlor and library space, accessible entry from the parking lot, restoring the original heart of pine flooring in the sanctuary, and update of heating and air systems to replace the radiator steam heating.

  • 2015

    The 100th birthday of the building was recognized with a Building Centennial Celebration in November. The worship service included a rededication of the building and All Saints Sunday recognitions. The community was invited for an open house and a concert in the sanctuary.

  • 2018

    The metal roof of the church building and dome, several original windows, and the roof of the Grubb House sustained severe damage in a summer hail storm. Replacements and repairs were completed in 2019. The patina green, heat-welded TPO roofing was installed over the existing metal roof.

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